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We are a mobile butcher, so the butcher comes to your corral. Mileage is .50 per mile. We try to combine trips with other clients to save everyone on mileage.

Butchering includes the shooting, skinning, gutting and quartering of an animal.

Bovine $80.00 per head
Swine $55.00 per head
Lamb See Below
Goat See Below 

*Beef and sheep must be inspected for slaughter prior to the butcher's arrival.



Processing includes the cutting, wrapping and freezing. Sausage not included.

Bovine .85 per lb on the hanging weight.
Swine .65 per lb on the hanging weight.
Lamb $85.00 to butcher and process.
Goats $85.00 to butcher and process.
Bulk Sausage $1.50 per lb
Cased Sausage $2.50 per lb
Bacon $15.00 per belly


Cutting list for beef.

Cutting list for pork.

Cutting list for lamb.











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