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Cutting list for beef.

Cutting list for pork

Cutting list for lamb

What is butchering/processing going to cost me?

Price varies on where you live and the weight of your animal. Bob can give you an estimate prior to butcher.

Do I have to be there when you butcher?

Someone in charge will need to give Bob the inspection paper(s) and show him the animal(s) intended for slaughter. Under most circumstances, you do not need to be present.

Can I be present while butchering is taking place?

Butchering can be an educational experience. You are more than welcome to stick around to watch and ask questions. For the novice meat producers this is an opportunity to ask questions and see the results of your work. If you are a little nervous and don't know what to expect, just tell Bob your concerns and he will tell you what to expect and give you the chance to leave the area if you decide to not watch.

Can I save the offal (liver, tongue, heart, etc.)?

If your beef is under 30 months of age, Bob can retrieve, upon your request, any of the liver, heart, kidneys, oxtail, and tongue. Age is determined by the teeth and we are not allowed to take any offal on beef 30 months of age or more per the AZ Dept of Agriculture. 

What is "inspection for slaughter" and why do I need it?

All beef and sheep need to be inspected by the AZ Dept of Agriculture to verify ownership and whether the animal is mobile. There is a small fee for this. We cannot slaughter any animal that cannot get up and move of its own accord. If your animal becomes injured and cannot ambulate after the inspection and before slaughter we will not butcher it.

If you are selling the beef you will also need to change ownership. There is a minimal charge for change of ownership. We will not slaughter your animal without inspection papers.

How do I get in touch with the AZ Dept of Agriculture?

Give the AZ Department of Agriculture 10-14 days notice to send an officer out to do the inspection. During the holidays, you may want to allow more time.

602-542-0872 Animal Services 800-294-0305

Can I use my self inspection book and not call the AZ Dept of Agriculture?

While the self inspection book is useful in some instances and does have a place for slaughter on it, it does not pertain to our type of facility. You will need to call for the livestock officer to inspect your animal.

If your question has not been answered, Email Bob! Or call Bob at 928-231-1727






 Last updated July 2014